Clean Desk, Clear Mind – Taking Control Of Your Home Office Clutter

Is your workstation overflowing with mess? Your desk stuffed with so many things around; papers, wiring, gadgets, cosmetics, printer, pen and so on that made you prone to distractions and stress. To save you from this chaos, I am going to share with you some of the simple ways to get your home office clutter under control to work more efficiently in a space that you actually enjoy being in.

Don’t say, “It’s my mess and I love it”. You may not realize it, but living and working at the same time in a disastrous home the whole day every day could be draining your energy. It could even be holding back your career. Just like a well tailored suit, a well organized work space sends the message that you’re professional and in control.


Sort Them Out

Gather your papers into a near stack. Start by pulling out the thick items. Place them vertically on the shelves or discard them. This shortens your pile significantly – for an immediate satisfying visual result. Now sort other papers into “keep” and “pitch”. Don’t break your momentum by organizing the “keep” file, it is important to weed out the trash. When you’re done, sort through the “keep” file a second time, this is the right time to finalize your decision on what to keep and what to throw.

Use Storage Organizer And Label Them

Storage organizers are not only efficient for keeping your stuff organized but they also promote a relaxing ambiance while leaving an ample space in your workstation. Don’t forget to label them appropriately. Your labels should give at-a-glance summaries so you don’t have to open files to know what’s inside. Use clear tabs and print the letters from the computer.

Maintain And Note

You’ve organized everything – how do you stay organized? Act on stuff as soon as you get them, even if it’s just to scribble the next step on the upper corner. Also, it is always crucial to make a note on your planner whether you are using software or a memo pad as your daily reminder.

Find Some Inspiration

What inspires you really? Then use them when decorating your home office. It can be an artwork, pictures of your loved ones, plants, flowers or a collection. Nonetheless, personalize your cubicle with understated displays and functional office tools.

Remember, a clean space is a healthy and wealthy space!


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