How To Keep Your Weight In Check While Working At Home

Working at home has given us (freelancers) a lot of benefits including working on flexible hours, save time and money from commuting, be our own boss and the best part is – high paying jobs. But being an effective and successful freelancer is not always about money; health is also a major concern. Since we regularly spend hours working in front of our computer, we become prone to various health problems and one of this problem is overweight. Being overweight can provide high health risks problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, osteoarthritis, gallbladder and kidney failure and many other diseases. I’ve research information on how we can avoid this problem and came up with these tips to keep our weight always on track;

1. Make An Exercise Program

You can have short exercise program even if you’re in a small home office. Start doing 10 minutes exercise until you reach 30 minutes or higher. You can try cardio session, stretching and dumbbells, this proven works to burn fats, boost mental awareness and improve metabolism.  overweight

2. Monitor Your Diet

Avoid late night snack madness and eat healthy meal during the daytime. Try to keep unhealthy snacks out of your system and instead, go for fruits, yogurt or any other healthy snacks as alternatives.

3. Stand As You Work

Sitting without standing or making further movements for couple of hours working in your desk has said to be dangerous to the body and can definitely make your weight out of line. The recommendation is, stand as you work using higher desk or counter-top even for few hours each day, it would help you get rid of gaining weight.

Home-based working does offer flexibility, yet many freelancers are missing this opportunity to stay healthy and fit even with their busy hours. Besides, being physically and mentally fit can make one productive and work effectively, therefore have a successful business dealership.


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