Freelancing 101: Why Some People Fail?

Some of the people I know are thinking that freelancing is easy and the fastest way to make money online. In fact, I’ve helped several folks who (at first) are very eager to learn about this field, but unfortunately, most of them failed. While some believe that they can win a job even with just minimal skills. Well, to tell you frankly…freelancing is not easy and certainly not for everyone. But the good news is, freelancing is possible.

But what are the common reasons why some people, despite their willingness and effort, still fail to land a freelance job? Here’s why…

1. No skills or lack of experience – this means limited experience or unable to provide sample of previous work.

2. No proper planning and preparation -poor cover letter, unfavorable resume, not enough resources and inadequate understanding with the job he/she wants to apply.

3. Easily give up – if they haven’t selected for a job, they stop and refused to try again.

4. Priority – they may have other priorities rather getting a freelance job.

5. Freelancing is not for you – we all have different personalities. If you are a person who enjoys the world of being a regular employee, then you eventually switched to freelancing, chances are, you won’t be able to continue and think that freelancing is not really for you.

As I’ve said earlier, freelancing is not easy BUT it is POSSIBLE. Why? deal with my experience.

Believe it or not, I am a previous Project Architect from an established company then I switched into freelancing (without experience) and now an SEO specialist, VA, Writer and SMM Specialist. How did I manage to go all through those freelance hurdles and challenges? Let me share you my secret…

  • I never stop reading – I search for tips, guides and useful advice online. You can actually learn by just reading from various resources.
  • I take the risk – I challenge myself to accomplish a job even without technical experience or knowledge about the project.
  • I ask for advice – I ask help and advice from experts. You can find them in social networks, groups, forums and even your friends.
  • I never stop – I’ve been rejected on jobs for so many times, but I didn’t stop. I strive to improve my skills, my online profile and my cover letter and keeps on applying for jobs from various sites.
  • I am optimistic – No matter how hard it is to find a job or how difficult it is to deal with different clients, I always keep a positive mindset.
  • I treat my client as if he/she is the only one. I make sure that my client is happy and satisfied with my work.
  • Finally, I pray. Nothing’s difficult and impossible when you pray sincerely and ask wisdom from the Lord. 🙂

At the end of the day, to become a freelancer is a career choice and something that every person has to decide on in respect to their current situation.


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