Happy Anniversary Freelance World!

It’s been 2 years since I gave up my regular job and here I am celebrating my 2 years in freelancing world. 2010 have leave a great memories for me as this year really changed my life. I remember when I was just a newbie, I am really confused yet so excited about how does work at home jobs really works including how to close a job, how to get lots of clients and how to earn money online. God is really good as he enlightens my outsourcing journey and I am now a certified freelancer.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Lord for the talent that he gave me. For without him, I am nothing. Second, to my parents and the parents of my hubby for being so supportive during my hectic schedules.  Thirdly, to my lovingly husband who always behind me whenever I’m stress and in a rush circumstances. And last but not definitely the least, oDesk – for changing how the world really works for me (I love the people behind this group).

So my advice to anyone who’d like to switch their career and become a successful freelancer – be patient, be productive, read relevant resources,  show your 100% dedication and explore! Finding work can be very hard, no doubt. That’s precisely why we must demand as much in return.

Don’t quit, keep reaching your dream job, because in order for our dreams to become reality it will take hard work, determination, and dedication.  Don’t worry, I was like you before – a regular employee earning a minimum rate just enough to survive the recession. Agree? Yes. But after I realized how opportunity bares everything to me, I grab it with both hands.  🙂

Woops! before I forgot, happy anniversary freelance world!


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Freelance World!

    1. freelanceronfly84 says:

      Thanks Zahid. I’m about to post something that will surely interest you. It’s about learning the SEO, SMM and SEM techniques. Keep yourself up to date. 😉

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