10 Simple Steps To Become A Successful Freelancer

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result” ~Mahatma Gandhi

After receiving so many messages on Facebook from people who are very interested to learn how freelancing works as well as how to get an online job, I’ve decided to share my own experience  to help those newbies on winning and managing their first home-based job. You can follow these steps that can absolutely help you find legitimate online jobs.

Step 1: Register an account – your first step is to register for membership. There are a lot of freelance sites that offer free membership. You can try Upwork.com, Onlinejobs.ph and Freelancer.com. Just sign-up using your personal email address and wait for the confirmation regarding the status of your account. Once approved, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Complete your profile – make a presentable and detailed profile. Your profile will serve as your online resume and portfolio so make sure it is something that employers would love to interview.Your profile must include your picture, brief overview about your skills and expertise, samples of work (links, images or doc) and previous work experiences. You can check out my online profile here: https://www.onlinejobs.ph/jobseekers/info/174149

Step 3: Take a test – there are tests you can take online that are available depending on the job your are planning to pursue. This is the best way to assess your capability and could become an added factor to your online profile.

Step 4: Manage your payment method – this one is connected to thequestion “How do I get paid for my work?”…. of course you don’t like to be disappointed if you are in a situation where you’ve already had your earnings but unable to withdraw your cash. Well, there are actually two ways to get your earnings online. It can be through a debit/ATM card provided by your local bank (BPI, BDO, Unionbank, Metrobank, etc.) or set up an account on Paypal (Free sign-up). You should link your credit/debit card to your Paypal account in order to send or receive payments.

Step 5: Make a killer cover letter – one of the secret of landing a successful freelance job is writing a “deadly” application letter. This is considered the secret of many successful freelancers. When writing a cover letter, put into your mind how you can be able to impress a prospect client. Make your statement promising and show the client how you will implement your strategies once hired. Show samples of your work and read their instructions very carefully. This will also serve as the client’s first impression about you. Remember the saying “First impression lasts”? Don’t give’em a bad impression.

Step 6: Apply for jobs with reasonable budget and which you are qualified for – before submitting your proposal, make sure to read the entire job description. Ask yourself if you really can do the job. Always check the required skills and qualifications. Also, check if the client has feedback from previous freelancers so you know whom you’ll work to.

Step 7: Apply as many as you can – although some freelance sites have application quota, you can apply for your desired job for as many as you can. To find jobs that fit your skills, just browse by categories and check the available listings. Common jobs are Writing, SEO, SMM, Virtual Assistant and Data Entry. You will receive a notification every time there is a client who’d like to interview you. Interview is usually done through Skype.

Step 8: Check your email for interview schedule – after applying for jobs, open your email from time to time to check if you have received an interview request. Make yourself always available when a client wants to arrange an interview. Ready a webcam and headset in case your client request for a video call interview.

Step 9: Be professional – once hired, be professional when making a commitment and always communicate with your client. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify things and submit your report on time.

Step 10: Be organized – when submitting your reports, quality and accuracy is very important. Make sure your report is accurate, organized and easy to understand. Depending on how you will be asked to present your report, always submit on time. You can try Dropbox.com or Google Drive to save and edit all your important files online. I’ve been using these tools for many years.

These are the best tips I can share to all the freelance newbies out there. If you find them helpful, then I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts as well as see you become a successful freelancer someday. Keep in mind that no one can help you other than yourself. If you just sit there and do nothing, it is certainly impossible to get positive results.

Finally, if you really want to succeed in freelancing, keep these three tips in mind; Read, Learn, Act. It’s up to you on how you will going to put them into practice.


7 thoughts on “10 Simple Steps To Become A Successful Freelancer

    1. Freelancer On Fly says:

      yes mars…thanks for your comment. kudos din sa tips mo! super makakatulong din yan sa mga newbie readers ko 🙂

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