Freelance life–surprisingly rocks!

After being so hectic this past few months doing back-office work (*happy*), I’ve already initiated time to update my blog (at last! ^_^ ).  This previous months working online as a freelance was really an exciting and challenging experience for me.  I was overwhelmed with so many opportunities knocking along my door. This is working for almost 1 year with oDesk Staffing Marketplace (*thankful*).

Last week, I was amazed with one of my client regarding my assignment about blogging and web promotion and was surprised reading the email stating that I’ve received an increase from him because he really likes my writings and the contents was excellent.

Just to share his statement:

“This is EXCELLENT work! I am seeing a lot of GOOD content! Your press releases are very easy to read, and very informative with good use of keywords. I would like to see you use campaign codes on your blogs, and I feel confident that I will see many sales coming from your work!”

I feel great that day and in return, I sent an email thanking him and also giving him credit for guiding me all the way to make things work. So far, I’m happy to provide service with him for a couple of months.

The following days of my freelancing life were getting really really busy, but still It feels very exciting to know the next surprises, challenges and opportunities knocks my way.

Freelance life really rocks.


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