The Soaring Freelancer


My friends have been asking me about being a freelance recently. The advantages, the disadvantages and how to close a deal with different clients around the Globe. I’m not a very good freelancer but things are going my way at the moment, so I thought I’d write about what being freelance has been like for me over the last months. Maybe it’ll be helpful, maybe it won’t.

In many ways, I seem to have a dream work-life. I don’t have to wake up so early, No need to travel about 2 hrs. getting upset on heavy traffics and imagining the Jerk boss have to say after! As some always curious why I decided to go on my own and asked me a question: “What is the biggest advantage of being a freelancer?” My answer is simple, “Money and freedom”. Beside accept the fact that sometimes the freelancer is getting a higher pay than an employee for the same work, I like the freedom I have when choosing the project.

5 important points why I stepped into freelance world:

  1. I became more creative and problem solver. It allows me to use my creative skills to make a living–rather than getting a job outside the creative sector.
  2. Flexible Hours or Freedom of work. Being my own boss where I can decide where and how much to work
  3. Less TAX. I can claim back my expenses against my income tax bill.
  4. Getting real bucks more than I’ve expected.
  5. And last but not the least; I enjoy doing what I love! Being a freelancer may not even seem like work. If it’s something you enjoy, then it will seem just like a hobby, except your getting paid for it. What a treat!

I might work too hard (I am a self confessed workaholic), but my worst work day ever is still going to be a pretty good day. I go to work happy and usually, no matter how late it is, I finish the day pretty happy too.

So for those of you’ve who’ve asked me recently, yep, being freelance is pretty damn cool.


4 thoughts on “The Soaring Freelancer

  1. fpunzalan says:

    My credit for becoming a freelancer is awarded to the owner of this blog. She is really good in giving advices and giving extra earnings. Follow her advices and you will not lost in this industry.

    Keep on shining!


    1. freelanceronfly84 says:

      Thanks mare! I knew from the start that you have a heart for this kind of opportunity, so I decided to share it to you and no wonder you are now a certified freelancer! cheers!

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