From a simple full time employee to an earning freelancer mommy

Whew! really can’t imagine myself now from a simple full time employee in a Construction Industry and turns into a freelancer Mom (blessed). Well, I know GOD has a reason why he made it happened to me.

Let me share you some story how it happens.

After my career as a Technical Assistant/Project Architect in a Project Management Firm located in Makati City from 2007-2008, that was during my pregnancy period, I decided to end my commitment to the company and take some rest for a few months.

After giving birth with a baby girl named “Vash Fernandez-Baluyut” (fave anime character of my hubby), After only a month, I decided to get back to work and start applying to another job related on my career. Although, wounds from CS method of giving birth are still fresh, nothing would stop me for my eagerness to find a job as soon as possible.

After a days, good news at last. New career buzz up. I am now working as a Project Architect in a Construction Firm. It was 6 km. away from our home along Caloocan City, 1 ride specifically (thanks GOD!).

Working and working and working…but sadly, accepted the fact that it’s really not enough to sustain our financial needs. Thinking and thinking any alternative ways and hoping someone can help me to find any other ways to earn cash but unluckily, no one but me, myself and I.

Lunch break, I’ve decided to explore the net and try to google if there are part time jobs or any earning opportunities posted online. Surprisingly, a lot! and believe me, I’m almost hook on scammer’s advert.

I’ve tried a lot of part time jobs and earning opportunities online. Have engaged in PTC’s and GPT’s…imagine $0.01 per click! duh?! erase!erase!
and Finally, searching is over and I’ve landed into a Freelance Online Staffing Marketplace called oDesk!

Now, aside from my earnings on my current job as a full time employee, I’m also receiving bucks from my oDesk account. I work part time in oDesk and earns $350/month. Not so big (remember its a part time) but Not bad right?

Well..internet world is really unexpected. I, myself was amazed by its concept. Now I can see myself as a proud full time employee and a freelancer Mom.

Signing off,



7 thoughts on “From a simple full time employee to an earning freelancer mommy

  1. Martyn Baker says:

    I’m happy that your work is going well, but it’s a shame that you think some “god” or other had anything to do with this. Don’t waste your life Charlot. You only have one!

    1. freelanceronfly84 says:

      I don’t know exactly what you mean with your words Martyn but thanks for taking time to read my story. Maybe we’re just on different outlooks and beliefs in life. Ow! BTW, I’m not wasting my life, “not even a cents of it”, your shoes not fits mine, so don’t tell me what should I do.

  2. thery plaza tarrayo says:

    hi, just read about your blog about freelancing at odesk. its very inspiring for me. im pretty convince now and wanting to start immediately. would appreciate your help if you could give me more ideas how o desk works. i have started creating my account i really need to have an extra income.



    1. freelanceronfly84 says:

      Hello Thery, sorry for the late response, pleasure to help you. Working with oDesk is easy as long as you are positive, dedicated and never giving up. No one can help you but yourself. You can contact me on FB for me to give you tips.

      Thank you for visiting my blog! ^_^

  3. thery plaza tarrayo says:

    BTW, an overview about myself. im working as a operations coordinator in an airline catering industry. work is good but pay is not enough especially that another miracle is coming our way, new angel coming by november.. i have 2 children now. you can see my profile in facebook too.


  4. Rhei says:

    Hi Charlot,

    Inpiring blog.. I found you through Odesk in FB.. I’ve been registered in Odesk for quite sometime & hv created my profile but not completed until now & didn’t find time to study how it works..
    I really would like to try working online through Odesk of course for extra income..
    Just would like to ask some help how to get started.. you can reply on my e-mail pls. maraming salamat…

    1. freelanceronfly84 says:

      Thanks Rhei! Glad that I inspire you with my story. You can read my latest entry on How oDesk works and you’ll surely be on track! You can always find me online on FB. =)

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